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Sep '08

A City Unexpected.

Late to bed, early to rise.

Wake up with Pacific Place looking in your stateroom.

Pray for more sleep.

Wonderful has ruined me for spending time in a cabin that doesn’t have a balcony. Maybe it is that I don’t like people, or at least I don’t like people unless it’s on my own terms.

Here is the missive that I sent to Missy:

I’m on the train from Vancouver with Jeff (Wonderful) from our silly cruise to nowhere. I went to mass today (Anglican), had lunch with the priest and his boyfriend. Took the ferry to Granville, found a desk that I’d like to buy if I had $12,000, took the ferry to the Science Center, toured a burnt out house of the priest (and his boyfriend) with a cracked out skinny white whore on the porch and the big black guy she was giving a blowjob to in her assembled from junk (not that junk) insta-house they had crafted next to the porch. It makes me want to come up and be a hall-monitor for their place – bring BOB up and live in it – be the on-site guard.


I had a beautiful day in Vancouver. I saw a dear friend of mine do a noon Eucharist service at the Anglican Cathedral downtown. It’s nice to see him do a service – I’ve only seen the YouTube videos of his out-reach program (filmed by his boyfriend). Found that my favorite liquor store near the IGA (pronounced “eeg a”) has a 15% off sale – it’s my favorite because of the proximity to The Canadian, a WorldMark resort.


They both played hooky for the afternoon and we had sushi, walked down to the water, took the water taxi to Granville and then onto the Science Center (with is across from the train station – and mere blocks from their burnt out place.


And I’m slowing going through all the open bottles of booze that I brought across the border.

Is there more? The engineer seems to be trying to make up for lost time. Is that what I’m doing as well? And where was that time lost? Didn’t I take all the time that was portioned to me? So many questions — like what is going on your tombstone (or urn).

No answers. Just a joyous 52nd birthday.

And the last post for the evening:

Have you ever been on a really pissed off train – the damn horn is blaring as he tries to make up time that doesn’t matter anymore. We have all lost our rides home…. The really nice thing is that we don’t care anymore.


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