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Oct '08

Pictures From The Past, And Today.

Well, I finally uploaded the last of the Birthday Cruise pictures. Here is my favorite:


It seems that the bath bomb from Lush gets really excited in a jetted tub — and I pulled it out after 60 seconds! Maybe I’ll get some pictures from the home tub with the left-overs.

So here is the total feed for the holiday:


My today was spent working on some video editing for the upcoming Poker At The Quilliyute on October 12th, and it being a Wednesday, the 3rd of 4 Port 101 tour — this one of the Duwamish Waterway. Due to fishing nets (it’s salmon season) we couldn’t get as far up the Duwamish as the South Park bridge… in this picture:


This would be of the car shredding yard on the waterway. For all the photos, here is the stream:

The rest of the evening is just burning more CDs and hanging out — at least it’s getting faster having installed another gig of memory in the desktop unit.

And here is my amusing phrase: only could I take a cruise and only gain 2/10ths of a pound.


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