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Oct '08

Plowing Through It All.

My day…

  • Five Thank-You Notes
  • Two Postcards
  • Twenty-Two DVDs Duplicated
  • Thirteen DVD Covers Printed and Stuffed
  • Three SD Cards Cleaned Up

What a day. And now it’s time to prep stuff for a dinner with Swanda who is coming over to watch the debates. I guess that puts off the Events and Adventuresnew Alerts testing for tomorrow. I’m going to try new service I read in Mossberg’s Wall Street Journal technology column — www.alerts.com and www.yotify.com — I’ll keep you informed.

And speaking of cleaning up SD Cards — I found this clip on my new video camera:

It seems Twango, now Ovi, has finally got their flash player working again on their site. Hopefully you won’t get too dizzy watching the short clip of the five of us at dinner on Saturday night, or was it Monday night.

[220.8 — damn, back over that mark. It must be time for a salad week since I seem to have plateaued)

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