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Oct '08

Plowing Through It All.

My day…

  • Five Thank-You Notes
  • Two Postcards
  • Twenty-Two DVDs Duplicated
  • Thirteen DVD Covers Printed and Stuffed
  • Three SD Cards Cleaned Up

What a day. And now it’s time to prep stuff for a dinner with Swanda who is coming over to watch the debates. I guess that puts off the Events and Adventuresnew Alerts testing for tomorrow. I’m going to try new service I read in Mossberg’s Wall Street Journal technology column — www.alerts.com and www.yotify.com — I’ll keep you informed.

And speaking of cleaning up SD Cards — I found this clip on my new video camera:

It seems Twango, now Ovi, has finally got their flash player¬†working again on their site. Hopefully you won’t get too dizzy watching the short clip of the five of us at dinner on Saturday night, or was it Monday night.

[220.8 — damn, back over that mark. It must be time for a salad week since I seem to have plateaued)

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