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Oct '08

New Orleans Welcome.

Greetings from the Big Easy — and this is going to be an easy trip. Wendy is still recovering from round two of surgery and it’s causing more pain than round one. I’m thinking that there are going to be lots of dinners in the room this trip — good thing I got the one bedroom!

So — The flight report from today. I arrived in New Orleans two hours early! How? Got off the plane in Denver, hit the bathroom, looked at the monitor and found an earlier flight boarding two gates away — even managed to snag an exit window seat with an empty next to me. If it weren’t for the howling babies, it would have been the trifecta. Still, two hours early, good seat, and I sprung for the shuttle rather than the bus/streetcar connection to the condo.

Dumped my bags and headed to the market on the corner for a snack and to stock the fridge with cocktails. Wendy and Rachel didn’t answer the phone, so called her cell — they are down by the pool in the shade. Lots of bags and bandages on/in Wendy, but her spirits are good. It’s been years since I’ve seen Rachel — since the years of the annual Bacchanal parties the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Before dinner, Wendy is down for a nap, Rachel moves her laptop down the hall to my room — and soon, we are making a commercial:


That’s it for today most likely.

[222, but before coffee]

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One Response to “New Orleans Welcome.”

  1. Miss Otis Says:

    Is it just me or does Mark begin to look like Robert Moreley to anyone else? Without the prissy mouth/moue, that is.