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Oct '08

Welcome To The Garden District.

I really do like the WorldMark New Orleans at the Avenue Plaza. It helps that it’s right on the St. Charles Avenue street car line. This morning started with breakfast in my room — eggs and English muffins. Sorry, no champagne and orange juice.

The girls went off to the quarter while I worked on plans for a swamp tour — I failed — need to call tomorrow morning as they don’t want to do a 3pm tour since we are the only ones interested.

I went off on my street car tour — see video above — to the end of the St. Charles line — the part that was closed during my last trip, then back to the condo to upload stuff, then off to the end of the Canal Street line. The City Park end of the line is one of the places I didn’t get to the last trip.

Here is a quick tour of some of St. Charles line — I’m trying to upload a longer version.


Got home around 3:30 with a snack in hand — then off to the pool for cocktails with Rachel while Wendy napped.

Dinner tonight is at the Palace Cafe — one of the Brennan boy’s places. It’s nice to have an upscale meal in this town after being on budget travel the last trip. If course, I had all the odd things on the menu:

  • The rabbit appetizer
  • The salad with quail
  • The grilled Pompano with lump crab

Thank god there was no room for dessert. It was an early night for the girls, less so for me. Wendy has an appointment in the morning so I think the rest of the eggs will be for Tuesday morning.

And here is the humorous picture of the day. Rachel and I by the pool with booze in a foil pouch:


Minutes after this picture was taken, the afternoon rains came in.


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