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Oct '08

Aligator and Prime Rib.

Wendy had a 9:30 appointment, so I slept in — or until Wendy’s call at 8am to “check-in”. It wasn’t much to pee and go back to bed for a bit of a sleep in.

Appointments were done by 11:30 and a lunch of leftovers was served in 1116. The decision was made to see if we could book an early afternoon swamp tour — and after a little negotiating, the answer was yes.

So, we signed up for Cajun Encounters for a three hour tour, well, really four hours plus. Here is a little sample:

Dinner tonight is everyone for themselves. Rachel is off to the French Quarter for dinner and a jazz show, Wendy is eating leftovers, and I’m headed down the street to see what is available.

What is available is Houstons — just past the Walgreen where I spot the cheap watches that I couldn’t find the other day. I was willing to settle for good, but I got stunning instead. And shocked that it is a chain. Who would have thought that a chain could pull off a great prime rib? I wish the picture was better (see the scolling thing at the bottom of this list). Add a split of Montaudon champagne, and it’s a meal fit for a king (or at least me).

Add to this a jazz combo (piano, bass, drums) that isn’t just playing the easy stuff and you have a great meal. I’m sure the video is WAY too dark, but the tunes should be good. Here is the feed to all the pics since I think tomorrow is going to be mostly preparing to get out of Dodge.

There is talk of Commander’s Palace for lunch, after a breakfast of steak and eggs in 1116 at 9am.

I’m not sure how I’m going to have room for the Acme Oyster House at the airport.

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  1. Xrauq Says:

    i like the addition of videos on the blog. the swamp video is very cool. downloads quickly too. have fun on your trip!!!