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Oct '08

New Orleans Recap.

Well, Commander’s Palace was too good for us, or shall I say, the girls were not allowed in wearing shorts. No link for them this time!

So — we ended up on Magazine street looking for Thrift Store skirts and finally bailed and had lunch elsewhere — in the back of a restaurant that the room was labeled “Siberia” (since it was beyond the kitchen). It was good, I was still stuffed from the eggs and steak which I whipped up for us all at 9am so I had a cup of the red beans and rice with a small ceaser salad on the side.

Here is a humorous picture… a table full of priests sitting under a painting of the devil:


The afternoon and evening was filled with flying. From the pictures below, you can tell that Ted (the vacation segment portion of United — or the back end as I like to call it) is being phased out. Notice the second overwing exit door is the their standard fleet grey, not the white of the other one?


Or how about the raydome cover on the front — from their stripped version painted planes?


At least they are doing maintenance! Ted is due to be phased out this fall so these planes will get repainted, and first class seats will be added back into them. I also saw another strange thing at the New Orleans aiport. It was a United Express 737-NG with blended winglettes. That’s a full-size jet, not a commuter, and it had all three classes of service. Seriously odd since their feeder on this flight (Shuttle America, aka Republic Airlines) doesn’t list this as a 737 flight but an Embrauer 170).

But back to the New Orleans wrap-up. It will be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow after already bing up 5 pounds hitting NOLA — and how it seems that everything is deep fried or laden with pig fat in all their cooking.

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