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Oct '08

Geek At Work. Geek At Play.

Geek At Work.

  • E&A Work
  • Fix Greg’s Printer

Geek At Play.

The last in the series of Port 101 lecture/tour/dinners is all about the Port of Seattle’s Cargo Operations. We meet at Terminal 10, which used to be:

  1. Lockheed shipyards
  2. a Superfund site

Now it’s a parking lot with a wedding tent set up in it, with one porta-potty for 120 people. Since we are in a secure area, it’s on to the buses for us. No walking around getting whacked with a container. I did manage to shoot some interesting video, though the best ones were too long for Ovi/Twango and I didn’t have time before leaving town (again) to get them up on YouTube. Here’s  a snippet from the BNSF transfer yard:


Yes, I am an infrastructure geek. Dwight would have loved this. I’ll send him the “hand-outs”.

So, work in the morning and early afternoon, geek tour in the late afternoon early evening, then off to fix Greg’s printer, then drinks with Chris and pick up a DVD duplicator I had shipped to the apartment, and then home to crash. Thank God the Port fed me dinner.

Here is the whole Port 101 feed:



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One Response to “Geek At Work. Geek At Play.”

  1. Dwight Says:

    Pretty cool.

    I may have to check that out some time. Being more of a passenger rail fan, I don’t keep up on the terminals as much.