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Oct '08

Mad Dash To The Coast.

Finish the packing and trip prep.

Load the car.

Drive to the east-side for 11am meeting.

Watch meeting run long.

Stop at Safeway and have idiots hold up the long gas lines.

Deposit paycheck at bank, take out $60 because you are out of cash because of the New Orleans trip.

Shoot across 520 and up I-5 to the Edmonds ferry.

Pay $14+ to get the car on.

Stop for 30 seconds before the line starts to move loading vehicles.

Look at schedule and breath a sigh of relief when you realize the next ferry is an hour from now and you made this one.

Finally get to pee after drinking all that water in the meeting.

Get off ferry and head to Hood Canal Floating Bridge.

Breath sigh of relief that it isn’t closed because a boat is coming through.

Notice fall colors.

Stop at Safeway in Port Angeles and raid their discount meat rack to find four beef rib-eye steaks that are actually a standing rib roast that has been cut apart, complete with string.

Stop at liquor store realizing that four bottles of wine and the dregs of two bottles of whiskey will not keep three grown men happy.

Speed through the turn along Lake Crescent in the rain narrowly avoiding a cop who doesn’t have the time to clock you.

Turn off 101 heading for the beaches just north of Forks, Washington onto wide smooth roads through clear cut.

Greet your hosts with drinks and gifts from your New Orleans trip.

Finish yesterday’s blog entry.

Join hosts for dinner of lasagna with home made noodles, salad, and home made bread.

Drink a lovely Ridge wine.

Retire to your suite in this lovely fishing lodge.




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