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Oct '08

Boys on the Beach.

Does That Make Us The Beach Boys?

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg beaters (to say on the fat), turkey sausage links (to save on the fat), and bacon because it was in the fridge. Great bagels (like on the butter for mine, heavy for the boys, and what a lovely late breakfast it is. Somehow we forgot to provision Champagne and cranberry juice.

We have a goal for today (other than sitting sun and reading — and working for me) — we are headed to Rialto Beach, which is at the end of Mora Road. Quillayute River Resort is at 475 Mora Road, outside lovely Forks, Washington. Here is a short beach video….

So — that’s the beach. It’s amazing that in all my visits I haven’t bothered to take a left out of the driveway rather than the right to get back to US101.

Dinner tonight are a bunch of STUNNING steaks — I think they were sliced out of a standing rib roast. Add salad and wine and you have the typical Uncle Markie dinner in the woods (or South Park).


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Does That Make Us The Beach Boys?

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