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Oct '08

Company In Town.

Lots of work today, most of it not paying, just paying off my trade with the Quillayute River Resort — but now they have a fabulous TVGrid for their new DirecTV service, and a great new animated web banner here on the site (look to the right).

I was hoping to get to IKEA but that didn’t happen — will add to the Target run tomorrow to look for mass quantities of picture frames so I can put together a quote for Events and Adventures.

So, what about that company? Well, that would be Chas — my pal from summer camp when I was 10. Mind you he grew up in Pontiac, Michigan and I in Independence, Missouri. Strange how our paths keep tangling up forty years later. He is in town for a Microsoft CIO Conference and chose staying with me over a sterile hotel room in Bellevue. I’m honored.

He got in at 3:30 — actually a little earlier since the flight was early. Once settled in (i.e. the WEP code for my wireless in his system) is was a relaxing evening around the house. Dinner was the oh-so-healthy combo of saffron rice, skinless chicken breast, green salad, and wine for me, water for Chas the tee-totaller (what’s he doing knowing ME!)


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