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Oct '08

Screaming At The TV…

Watching The Debates.

Man do I hate getting up early. Chas and I needed to be out the door at 6:30 so that he could get to the conference by 7:30 — it was so early we made it in a little over half an hour. With the marketing meeting both a day and a half an hour early I just decided to stay on the east-side and have breakfast at IHOP and read yesterday’s New York Times and today’s Wall Street Journal.

The marketing meeting was a little tense with me asking about the renewal program — it was on my list, and apparently it was a topic in the office the day before. Nothing got settled, so it’s back on the topic list for next week as well. Lots of turmoil this week — tomorrow is a meeting with an ad agency I’m touting.

I was exhausted by the time I got back to the city — but only managed a twenty minute nap with all the other stuff going on, and getting dinner prepped for tonight’s debate.

Swanda and Lynne for a “hunk o’ pig” dinner. Beautiful pencil thin asparagus, salad, wine, conversation, the works.

Lots a swearing at the TV — maybe I should have encased it ala The Blues Brothers in chicken wire.

Praying for a landslide for Obama, and that he stays alive through his presidency.


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Watching The Debates.

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