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Oct '08

The Gates Of Wrath.

Lots of stuff going on today. Day Four (a record) for MoonSong — we are plowing through on the automatic gate project. Yes — that DOES make me lazy — an automatic double gate opening into the back yard. The side benefit of this project is that it makes it possible to park a car off the alley and still get out of the garage with the other car. Maybe someday I’ll downgrade from three vehicles (Penis Extension, Mommy Van, and Bob).

Here is the shot from the end of Friday — left hand gate rehung, trench dug, wires laid, trench reburied:


Now there is extending the wiring to that end of the barn (easy), the new fence post, more wiring. I’m thinking weeks. Between the gate and billable hours, it was a long day. A quiet dinner at home.


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