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Oct '08

Moving Furniture Followed By Screaming Ladies.

The morning “chore” is John visiting for “computer work”. Think of this as lending a hand to a Luddite to explore the modern world. I must have made an impression… he doesn’t have a land line, nor cable for his Ethernet. Cell phone and ClearWire are his new realm.

In exchange for dealing with computer stuff, he traded some heavy lifting. That damn chaise lounge that was in the garage is now in the living room (before the mice get to it). It also seemed like the time to switch out art.

This isn’t the best picture of John — but it does show new artwork in the background:


But everything had to be finished up by 5pm so I could head off to dinner with Helene and on to the opera — Elecktra — which I sold my ticket to because I’ll be in Palm Springs with the boys.

Great dinner, and Helene was a gentle soul when she nudged me when I started to snore at the beginning of the opera.

I swung by for drinks with Swanda after, then home to bed.


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