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Oct '08

Fencing With Steaks.

The post is in, the post is in. MoonSong arrived this morning and by the afternoon the new fence post (the beefy one that the gate will swing from) is in, complete with concrete and wiring. It’s really starting to look like a gate. Work continues on Wednesday with more supplies needed (and moving a ton of stuff in the garage).

Tonight’s festivities are a little birthday party for Jill — with attendance by Lynne, shown here modelling the freezer filled with 30-50% off steaks from Safeway:


Needless to say, though I will anyway, we had steaks for dinner. Sides of salad and steamed asparagus, some great wine that Jill brought, and finished off with a fruit salad (that reminded me of how much I like fruit salad).

Lynne left early to take meds, Jill stayed to WII bowl a couple of rounds, and then she whipped out her WII steering wheel for a couple of rounds of Mario Cart racing (which I suck at).

Then it was off to bed with my new mattress, which I’m still getting used to. I like the fact that it’s a queen, but the memory foam is a very different sleeping feel — though I’m sleeping like a rock, so it must be good.


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