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Oct '08

Uncle Markie. Dinner Machine.

Billable hours for Events and Adventures, followed by a laundry list of errands.

  • UW Surplus to check out junk (yes, lot’s of junk, none of it made it into my van)
  • Radio Shack to locate an 8″ woofer (no luck)
  • Subway (lunch)
  • Safeway (groceries)
  • Speaker Lab (for that 8″ woofer to replace the ripped on in the Bose)
  • Swanda (dropping off dishes
  • Liquor Store (because I was out of scotch)
  • Home Depot (11-1x6x6 cedar fence boards, 1-2x2x10 to hang boards on, 4-packs of bolts/nuts for lift gate, 2-hinges for lift gate)

No time for a nap today!

Ray from Radar Works for dinner of pork chops, salad, roasted corn. He brought a nice bottle of scotch and an equally nice bottle of wine (both things that I’d picked up earlier in the day — but his were better).

In looking at my calendar — it seems like I’m the dinner machine for the next bit of time

  • Monday was Jill and Lynne
  • Tuesday was Ray
  • Thursday will be Mick
  • Friday is Roushdi and James
  • Saturday is Lynne
  • Sunday is Tom, Hummingbird and Cindii in Vancouver, BC
  • Monday is Rich
  • Tuesday is Rich, Brandon, and Curt in Palm Springs
  • Wednesday/Thursday is Rich in Big Bear
  • Friday is dinner for 8 in Palm Springs
  • and who knows what for Saturday in Palm Springs, or Sunday/Monday in Indio…



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