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Oct '08

Calm Before The Storm.

The fence project is moving mostly forward, with the occasional step back — but it is getting there. Suddenly I’m thinking about extending the steel roof down as a car port… interesting concept. I’ll have to think further on that one. Meanwhile it took (yet) another trip to Lowes for electrical parts. It seems that Home Depot doesn’t stock 1″ plastic outdoor boxes. Odd.

The downside of all that dinner planning — I double booked Friday. Oops. It is now fixed by turning two “party of three” dinner parties into one “party of six” dinner party at Swandas place in the International District. I’m thinking lamb steaks, broiled.

The afternoon was the Lowes trip, followed by more E&A work.

The evening was a quiet one around the home and hearth (guess I’d better get busy building that fireplace!)


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