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Oct '08

A Long, Long, Day.

And The Election Is On The Horizon.

Many billing hours today. The weekly marketing meeting followed by several more hours of revising all their intake forms and take aways (other than the membership manual which was done last month). I’d only been trying to track down these files for a month, only to finally ask the right people at the right time.

And they have mostly been approved — which is phenomenal. We should have them on-line in time for the Phoenix branch opening at the end of the month!

Today’s second topic is “What Does Opie Have To Say About This Election?”

And the funnyanswer is:

As for myself — my ballot went into the mail yesterday. Now if I could just turn off all the commercials for politicians (and while I’m at it, turn off the KPLU fund drive as well).

Tonight, it’s an expanded dinner plan. Not only Mick will be coming for rosemary smoked chicken, but Swanda is coming by as well. Oh goodie. More billable hours.

Tomorrow I’ll try and get a picture of the gate project on-line.




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And The Election Is On The Horizon.

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