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Oct '08

No Fish This Friday.

For some reason I was up at 6am. It’s amazing how productive you can be with those extra couple of hours.

Billed 5.5 hours today. In real terms that would be a 10 hour day is a regular office since you get about 50% of an employee’s time.

MoonSong bailed on work today, but here is the status of the gate project so far:


To the right you can see the power that we trenched across the drive (both 12v and 110v) for outlets (110v) and the gate opener (12v). Should be done next week by the time I’m back from Canadaland… I hope.

Here is the scroller bar with all the Rose Street House pictures in it:

Dinner tonight is the combo-dinner at Swanda’s place with Stephen, Michael, Roushi, James, plus myself. The main is lamb steaks with Thai seasoning rub, a big green salad and a honking loaf of bread.

Going to be a late night I think.



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