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Oct '08

The Money Shot.

How’s this for a money shot:


Greetings from the WorldMark Big Bear Resort. Rich shot this pic of me at my Big Bear Office — scotch in hand, cell phone to ear, table littered with booze, speakerphone to the right for tomorrow’s conference call (and new pre-paid calling card from ATT — BILLABLE), swim trunks (Speedo style), hat, TV remote. Hell — I could move in here for more than the two nights we are staying here.

Today’s journey was a long and winding road. Literally. The map looked like a cartographer with Parkinsons. Conflicting WorldMark and Microsoft Streets and Trips directions will ultimately give us a round the lake trip.

The place is new to me, and looking good, but apparently they are undergoing a “refresh” as Palm Springs is as well. The pool is still open — in theory it closes on Saturday, but according to the staff the weather is good enough that it will remain open for another week.

Dinner was a tri-tip roast over a bed of baby yellow fins (no, not those youngsters from Finland), with a salad and some seriously marked down wine from Vons (Safeway of California) — half off the Chateau Ste. Michelle 2003 Indian Wells Merlot — it wasn’t until blogging I realized the age — but I should have noticed from the amount of sediment it was throwing. We bought two bottles —- we may have to get more.

Plans are afoot for the morning. Hash from the leftovers, tanning for an hour, my conference call at 11, BBQ down the road, then a 1.5 hour boat tour of Big Bear Lake, nap, movie, dinner, movie, collapse.

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  1. Swanda Says:

    You need to correct the date to Wednesday, the 29th…you posted on the 30th the same day as the conference call, afterwhich there was blood letting in the streets and well…hmmm, I am still standing.