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Oct '08

Best Laid Plans…

Waylaid By Weather Change.

As they say, the best laid plans….

  • Boat cruise — OUT, wind and rain looming
  • BBQ Lunch — IN, though with a huge breakfast, later than we thought, leaving us not wanting diner until after 8pm
  • Shopping at Stupidiotic — OUT, not open even through the sign said they should be. They had a seriously cool collapsible aluminum skateboard, guess we’ll try again tomorrow.
  • Four-wheeling on the Forest Road tomorrow — Most likely OUT due to muddy trails.

Oh well, it’s still been a fun day with even several billable hours for Events and Adventures for the weekly marketing conference call. I also sent off a proposal to Sigler Printing about on-going work with them.

Speaking of lunch, which we were earlier, it was at B’s Backyard BBQ. Really, really good. I had the pulled pork sandwich (though I wish they’d put more coleslaw on the sandwich) which came with two sides — baked beans (stunning, made with all the leftover trimming of the beef and pork) and the mac and cheese (homemade as well). Rich had the brisket sandwich — huge, with coleslaw and the mac and cheese as his sides. My glass of house Merlot cost a whopping $3.17.

They have the only lake side dining at Big Bear Lake, as evidenced by the following picture of the day:


Breakfast was a scramble made from the leftovers of dinner with bagels, lox, red onions and cream cheese. Dinner is going to be country style pork ribs marinated in a Caribbean jerk sauce, salad, bread, and wine (though not as good as last nights which we need to get more of).

A quiet night with a movie called Death At The Funeral. The joys of WorldMark Diamond Elite┬áis that I get free Internet access at most of the resorts and one free movie per stay. I’ll probably post the famous scroll bar tomorrow.

[after today’s lunch, god help me]

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Waylaid By Weather Change.

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