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Nov '08

Gay Day Of Shopping.

And A Festive Dinner Party.

The big plan today is shopping, shopping, shopping.

Rich is looking for calendars with scantily clad males, Curt is looking for a license plate frame, Brandon is just looking — and me — just a Palm Springs hat pin.

And our rate of success:

  • Rich found two calendars and another Christmas ornament (a flamingo with dangly legs with a cocktail in it’s hand)
  • Curt didn’t find a license plate frame — that would be a strike out
  • Brandon found a coffee table book called “The Big Penis Book“, now he needs to buy a coffee table to put it on
  • And I found my hat pin in the last store we went to (and the one where we found every thing that the other three stores didn’t have)

Before and after shopping was naps, lunch, sunning, reading, hanging out in preparation for another dinner party tonight. Would this be considered a “Gay Pool Party”. Probably not.

Many of the same cast and crew from last night — including the one when introduced to me said, “I know your brother.” Always a scary sentence, to both me and my brother since we have both heard it from people. Turns out he is a retired State Forester from Washington State and worked with my brother and his faculty advisor on their book: State Trust Lands: History, Management and Sustainable Use.

So it was dinner for five tonight. And for your amusement, here is the scrolling picture bar familiar to all my readers — though there are no dinner party shots.


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And A Festive Dinner Party.

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