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Nov '08

Welcome To Indio.

Where Do I Get My Wristband For The Lazy River?

Well — this morning was Palm Springs Gay Pride. My second Pride celebration this year. The first was sort of accidental, this one was more planned, but still not really my idea.

As a common feature of this blog, the math is: Gay Pride = Marching Band. And here is your installment today (though there were two, you get the “gay” one rather than the local high school marching band with a phalix of parents/advisors  “keeping them safe”):

Rich and I left Palm Springs for the leisurely drive to Indio around three — and with a stop for yet more booze and groceries, we got the the Palm Springs WorldMark a little after 4. My first impression is that this would be a good place for Thanksgiving with the family. 

Dinner tonight is a London Broil that I started marinating yesterday, some garlic bread, coos-coos, salad, wine — now that’s a meal.

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One Response to “Welcome To Indio.

Where Do I Get My Wristband For The Lazy River?”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ…do you mean you arrived at Indio or Palm Springs…confused…Help!!