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Nov '08

Lazy Day On The Lazy River.

At the WorldMark Indio they have this water feature known as the “Lazy River”. And lazy it is. For a buck a day you can rent a giant inner-tube like thing and go round and round and round getting a complete tan (at least on one side of your body, then you have to flip over.

Here is Rich on the river:

 And all of the sudden the billable hours are a flyin’. Just got two more projects from Events and Adventures to add to the list. Good thing I can do this pool side (or at least on the balcony overlooking the pool.

Tonight’s dinner is a rack of ribs that I started marinating yesterday and all the other usual suspects (salad, garlic bread, wine).

Starting to look forward to being home and in my own bed (and at my own desk). Remember to vote tomorrow if you haven’t already.

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