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Nov '08

Headed Home For Election Results.

All good things must come to an end, and the end usually starts at the airport.

After a last little bit of tanning, it was check-out time and off to the airport for lunch before our flight to SFO then on to SEA.

Election coverage at SFO in the Board Room was one state to each of the candidates. Kentucky for McCain and Vermont for Obama. Then is back on the plane while more returns came in.

And unlike the world series, the pilots did not keep us updated on the state by state count. It wasn’t until we were on the bus to MasterPark — and there was one pissed off Republican whining how the next four years were toast.

Missy, who doesn’t drink, came over for celebratory drinks after here phone sex worker shift was over at 11. She had two! And we had fun putting together my new skateboard.


[we’ll know how bad it is in the morning]


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  1. Curt Says:

    Hey…is that the model from the skate board box?!