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Nov '08

Home Grooming Mistake

Or Fashion Statement?

A reader poll today. Leave your comment today.

Home grooming mistake….


or fashion statement….




6 Responses to “Home Grooming Mistake

Or Fashion Statement?”

  1. blue toad Says:

    At first glance I was startled about the recently mowed pate, however after becoming familar with the new, after a handful of seconda, I decided I like it- sugget the hat when head is cold, as it lends a teamster’ish look.

  2. Swanda Says:

    I am totally confused by your posting! What is the poll on or about?

  3. markso Says:

    The poll is Mistake or Fashion…

    And do you love PETA — People Eating Tasty Animals.

  4. Swanda Says:

    Ah, pictures did not show up last night and so now it all makes sense…like with hat…the first just scared me!! Thankfully did not look at with cup of hot coffee in hand!!

    Maybe a smile makes all the difference and why am I thinking about Patrick Stewart all of a sudden?

  5. Ticker Says:

    You look mahvellous dahling! Very dashing in a working man, meat eating way. Definitely NOT a mistake.

  6. Councilmember Curt, Ret. Says:

    It has that “Devil may care; I may eat your dog” suaveness about it. Unexpectedly, I want a bottle of red and a mess kit!