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Nov '08

Bob Tour And Dinner Number One.

Just a quiet day of puttering around the house, fixing a few little things:

  • finish routing out the TV stand laminate for Bob’s front TV which I pulled from the bus
  • find and hang one more piece of artwork in the bedroom
  • clean the house and make the bed for company
  • pull the leaf out on the dining table

Dan, wife and kid come at 3:30 to look over Bob to see if they want to buy it. They have a smaller Ithasca RV at the moment — maybe I should talk about taking in their smaller one in trade!

Marybeth, Thomas and Melissa due to show up for dinner, with a vegetarian in tow. Spent 15 minutes on the phone with mapquest open getting them headed towards the house. Why she doesn’t just print out directions in advance I do not know.

Dinner was great — spinach salad with sliced almonds, cranberries and wine ripened tomatoes, a side dish for us (and main dish for Isaac the vegetarian, Thomas’ age) of pasta tossed in an olive tapenade, and various cuts of pork for the rest of us.

No desert which, of course, disappointed the kids — but I gave them my ice cream maker which got them excited about future deserts at home.

Rest of the evening a blur.


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