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Nov '08

Unexpected Video Shoot & Dinner Number Two (Of Four).

Nothing like waking up in the morning expecting a quiet Sunday only interrupted by a run to Safeway (bagged $140 worth of marked down beef, pork, chicken, and lamb) before serving an early dinner to Curt, Brandon, and Lawyer Dave.

By 11 that was just a distant memory — Gnarlene was one the phone needing another camera person, and I was the “chosen one” because of my work on his first video filming the car jacking scene. Here is a chunk of video that I shot on my camera, so I doubt it will make it into the final cut — but I did cut him a CD with all my shots. So, here goes:


And here is the link to all the videos and stills that I shot today:


You can also check out the previous videos on You Tube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/gnarlene

Dinner started a five since the boys were off to the Tractor Tavern for a show afterwards. By seven they’d polished off most of the lamb in a Caribbean Jerk rub, all the asparagus, most of the salad and several bottles of wine.

With such an early dinner I was able to go to neighbor Debbies and borrow an onion to start work on Tuesday dinner (number four). For the side dish Tuesday I’m planning on Black Eyed Peas and the meat/seasoning will be the left over lamb, half a pound of bacon, that onion, all sauteed up with turmeric and gumbo file to be added to the beans after their initial high boil (15 minutes) to simmer for another 60-70 minutes. It’s making me hungry already and I have dinner number three to do with Jameson tomorrow night.



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One Response to “Unexpected Video Shoot & Dinner Number Two (Of Four).”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    Markie, you’re getting weirder (Is that a word?)by the day.