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Nov '08

Gates Possessed And Dinner Number Four.

Last night I had to trip the breaker on the GFI that controls the gate closer. Why? The gates were mysteriously opening and closing on their own. MoonSong showed up this morning to investigate.

Why are the gates posessed? Radio signals from large commercial aircraft flying overhead. Specifically the code for just opening one gate. We decided to just disable that feature and select another code for the remotes to open both door. Tomorrow we’ll try and program the remotes second button to open my regular garage door. Mystery solved. The same thing happened to my father six months ago with his door — I had him change the settings on his. Seems to be more common than I thought. So, if it’s easy, change your settings from what the installer (or previous owner) used — my old house in the city had a default code that was the same as the one the apartment building used. Guess I could have opened their doors as well!

Tonight’s Dinner (Number Four for those of you who are counting the number of days in a row that I’ve hosted a dinner party) Companions are Lynne and Deb — the neighbor girls (which I think they’d appreciate being called since they are both older than I). The menu?

  • Salad
  • Black-eyed peas with lamb, pork, turmeric, and gumbo file
  • Barb-B-Qued pork marinated in Arthur Bryant’s sauce
  • Wine




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