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Nov '08

Dinners Done, Errands Everywhere.

What a list of errands for today!

  • Pick up shirts at cleaners, drop off Obi that I use as a table running, now covered with bbq sauce (once again they couldn’t manage to get the shirts into boxes)
  • Head to Swanda’s with glue and clamps (two chairs glued, two more tomorrow or Friday – purple chair done)
  • Liquor store (out of brown liquor)
  • Post Office (drop off letters)
  • Home Depot for a doorbell switch to use as a garage door opener button (why pay $7 for the “garage door” button, when the $2.50 doorbell switch works just as well)
  • Grocery Store (out of salad fixing and soda pop)

And speaking of those chairs….


And I managed to even get a couple of billable hours in.

As for the gate possessed… we reprogrammed the remotes, and it was good all night, but this morning the gates were open. I think it is the “heavy” jets coming in from Tokyo around 6am that set it off. I remounted the antenna for the system so that it points down rather than up. Time will tell.

Standard Uncle Markie quiet dinner at home tonight. Steak, salad, wine.



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One Response to “Dinners Done, Errands Everywhere.”

  1. melba toast Says:

    There you go, torturing furniture again… You didn’t learn that from MY father… ;^)