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Nov '08

Lots Of Work Including A Lighting Consult.

Today’s marketing meeting ran WAY long, and you know how I feel about meetings to start with. Oh, well, more billable hours so it isn’t all bad.

Glued the rest of Swanda dining room chairs on the way back home for more billable hours.

By six I back out the door for dinner at Suze’s place in exchange for suggestions about lighting for her kitchen. It wasn’t what I was originally thinking — imagine a Mondrian style grid system at a 15 degree angle to the walls. Hows that for a wild, and configurable, lighting solution.

Dinner was two live crabs — trying to claw their way out of the boiling water. Guess I can’t blame them. But talk about fresh crab – yum.

Then back home for you guessed it, more billable hours. Some day I should graph out my weekly hours — Thursday would be the big spike day.


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