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Nov '08

All You Gotta Do Is Ask, Apparently.

So, yesterday while I was prepping dinner at Curt’s place, I called my United credit card provider… to cancel my card. Turns out I’d mis-read a change in conditions notice from them. I thought they were jacking up my interest rate from 16.4% to 29.9%. Turns out that’s what happens if you start missing payments. But, because I just requested a Business card yesterday, I said, well, that’s still too much interest to pay.


Well, we have some lower rate offers. How about a 12.999% fixed rate? Maybe our 10.999% variable rate? What about if I threw in 6,000 United Frequent Flier miles. SOLD.

I called from Curt’s because it’s an 800 number. Today I’ll call on my Alaska Airlines business and personal card and see what I can get from them! Mind you, with their companion coupons ($50 on the personal card, and $99 on the business card), I’ll probably keep both of them.

Work for the day after getting from Olympia his morning is to get Bob ready for a new home. If the deal goes through, tommorrow I will get $10,000 and a 23.4 foot Itasca (made by Winnebago) as a trade-in. So I need to pull out all of the personal stuff like dishes, the battery charger, the sheets (I’ll leave the comforters since they are custom fitted).

Dinner is with Natalie and Jameson when they get in from North Carolina — assuming their flight is on time. Guess I’d better get something out of the freezer.


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