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Nov '08

Welcome Home Surprise!

Swanda has been exiled in Phoenix for the last two weeks, and I thought he’d need a little cheering up when he got home. So, in addition to fixing the purple chair, and re-gluing the four dining room chairs, this is what awaits when he arrives home at 2pm this afternoon:


What makes this extra funny is the wreath the polar bear is holding is labeled “Welcome Home Snow Bear” — and the fact that he was starting putting up his Christmas stuff this week. Guess I gave him a head start!

I’ll head over later this afternoon for drinks and dinner — hopefully champagne to celebrate the sale of Bob (the 35′ Bluebird Wanderlodge for $10,000 and a 23 foot Itasca Motorhome (by Winnebago). If I keep the Itasca I’m thinking of wrapping in in sign vinyl with big SOB (Shirts of Bamboo) Ovals — solid black with the type in white.

Guess that’s what tomorrow’s blog entry will be — about success or failure. When I pulled the Bill of Sale that I made up for the Bluebird earlier this year I discovered an amusing coincidence — it was dated 5-16-08, and it is now 11-16-08. Seven months later and $5K less. Oh well.


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  1. Curt Says:

    Wonderful !!