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Nov '08

What A Day.

So much for last night’s quiet dinner at home (that turned into dinner with Helene and Swanda at Shanghai Garden), or tonight (put my planned steak into Thursday nights dinner).

Meetings up in Snohomish Publishing, then to Naked Pigs BBQ in Snohomish (which I didn’t know had caused such a stir) for lunch, then to the bank, then meetings at Events and Adventures; then off to IKEA to realize I’d left the measurements at home, then back to the house. 77 billable miles, Swanda!

So — the update on SOB (Son of Bob, the new motorhome). Went to transfer the title yesterday, and — oh, you need an emissions check. Oh, hell. It’s not like I actually had a mechanic look at the new RV. Turns out it passed, and after I handed the license bureau lady four one hundred dollar bills, she handed me back two dollars and fifty cents. Gotta love living in the city again.

I’ve been investigating getting SOB wrapped in gloss black with maybe some SOB (Shirts of Bamboo) logos. At four grand I think that’s out. Maybe it’s time for some spray paint.

I photoshopped SOB to see how it would look in black:


Either that or I have to follow the painting advice for VW’s that I found under this great link: http://www.thebugshop.org/bsfqpnt.htm

My favorite part is:

Why do I believe this?  Because anything less than the “right way” (proper materials, tools, techniques, etc.), isn’t going to last all that much (if at all) longer than the “Krylon” method.  Perhaps that isn’t true in every case, but if you can paint a car with a rattle can for $30, or you spend $150 for some off brand auto paint and a borrow a compressor and spray gun, and use no primer, and get oil and water in the air you use to spray it, and don’t mask off what you should; it isn’t going to be5 times better than the $30 Krylon job.  You either do it all right, or just go the cheap route.

And I’m not undermining the spray paint job.  It may meet your needs, you may read this article and take away many techniques that you could use with the department store rattle cans.  I really think with enough preparation, the Krylon job could be done to look halfway decent.  Certainly isn’t going to last long, but it might look ok.  But if you go any further, you must go all the way in my opinion.  Spending good dough on auto paint, but not doing the right prep, or using the right gun, or not taking off parts you should, is a travesty in my book.

So — when we head to the coast tomorrow for a “mini-holiday” MoonSong and I will “discuss” the options.

Meanwhile the rest of the day has been spent preparing maps, packing groceries, paying bills, eating the rest of the pulled pork sandwich from lunch. Now I just need to start packing for Thanksgiving in St. Pete followed by seven days in the Caribbean and two days at DisneyWorld.




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