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Nov '08

Home Again

At Least For A Couple Of Days.

Checked out at 11:30. After a check of our maps — we are off on a different route home. The new route goes right past Whitaker’s place (but unable to raise him on the phone) and doesn’t go through all the clear-cut that we saw on the way down. It added about 15-30 minutes to the trip, but it’s a prettier drive, and an easier one — less winding roads.

It seems that I can’t get away from work these days… I didn’t get more than 10 pages read in a magazine that was in a stack an inch high. Money, reading, OK, I’ll go for the money.

But the drive did take four prime emailing hours out of my schedule.

The weekend is schedule-less. I may even wait to send out a clipping to the E&A crew (yeah, right).

For my upcoming trips, this is what I’ve learned about T-Mobile roaming in the Caribbean:

  • Honduras – $1.99 a minute, no Internet on the phone – 1900 MHz
  • Bahamas = $2.99 a minute, Internet available ($15.36 per MB) – no frequency given
  • Belize = $2.99 a minute, no Internet on phone – 1900 MHz
  • Mexico (Cozumel) = $1.49 a minute, internet available ($15.35 per MB) 1900 mhz
  • Seems like text messages are .35 to send, and .20 to receive any of the above

Finally, a quiet dinner at home of leftover steak sliced, heated up, and served over salad with a little heart helping wine to wash it down.

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At Least For A Couple Of Days.

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