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Nov '08

Saturday Shopping Spree.

Nothing like spending the whole day (or so it seemed) shopping. Needed salad and scotch for dinner (no — that wasn’t the whole dinner, just what I was out of), a letter sitting on the bench at my old house (permit renewal that I need to mail to the new folks), needed to drop off clippings at Jimmie and Swandas (where I also picked up a wine shipment from Ridge), then off to IKEA (yes, on a Saturday — it takes a Zen-like patience) for new curtains for SOB (Son of Bob, not Shirts of Bamboo). Whew!

The curtains for SOB weren’t what I was originally planning, but they caught my eye — and turns out that they are exactly the same color as the upholstery (and damn near the same material).

I was originally going for wood slats but they didn’t have all the ones I needed in stock AND I thought about all that clattering going down the road. Of course, when you change plans in the middle of IKEA it means you have to return one item and pick up two smaller ones to combine. Monday, and I’ll combine it with a trip to Fry’s to check out in-dash DVD players and see if they have any deals.

And since I was shopping for blinds for SOB, why not a new microwave that would fill the entire space rather than the pint size one that was in there. And why not have it be a microwave/toaster combination — who knew such things were possible.

Guess this means that in addition to packing for both the Tampa/St. Pete trip and the Caribbean Cruise that I’m going to be installing curtains.

Dinner was a healthy Chicken Marsala with a sauce from Trader Joes that I had bought months ago and not tried. Damn tasty, damn quick.



2 Responses to “Saturday Shopping Spree.”

  1. melba toast Says:

    A combo toaster and microwave? Who knew?

    Where do you put in the bread??

  2. Swanda Says:

    OK, those blinds sure look like the one’s IKEA made a huge recall announcement about on Sunday. Something about choking kids.