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Nov '08

Packing & SOB Work.

The challenges for today:

  • Pack for the next two trips
  • Install the new curtains in SOB (Son of Bob)
  • Trim down chopping block to make sink cover (think about replacing other cover since the particle board is dieing)
  • Try backing a loaf of sour dough bread using the machine to kneed and the oven in the garage to bake
  • Cook dinner for Lynne and talk about her South Park shuttle service.

And the result?


Not sure if you can see my destination tags on my bags — TPA for Tampa/St. Pete, and MIA for Miami.

As for SOB (Son of Bob), look at this shot:


New curtains, a new chopping block — ignore the stove on the right, the top is in the dishwasher to get years of grime off of it. And now I want to replace that faucet with a goose neck, and change out the valance for solid oak (and in the bedroom, bath, dinette as well).

Here is the scroller bar for the whole SOB series:


Looking forward to Lynne’s steaks and featuring out a sourdough recipe….



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One Response to “Packing & SOB Work.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Since there seems to be so much confusion, how about calling the new RV – BB (Baby Bob) and thus you have (SOB) as Shirts of Bamboo and (BB) as the RV?