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Nov '08

Curtains Up, Time For Valences.

Events and Adventures work in the morning, then off to the bank, Trader Joes, car-wash, Fry’s, IKEA, Harbor Freight and then home to install the last two curtains. Now I just need to buy and stain a bunch of oak for valences over all the curtains. The one in the bathroom will hopefully have a bit of a “plate rail”.

While I was at Fry’s I was checking out in-dash DVD players. My delima is which features I want/need:

  • AM/FM
  • DVD/CD/MP3
  • Bluetooth
  • Navigation

An amusing thing about taking stuff back to IKEA — they have a parking area for returns that has a fifteen minute limit. Like you can get through the return line in fifteen minutes!

By cocktail and dinner time at Swanda’s place, all the E&A print jobs have been signed off of so we can eat dinner without work drama.

Was home by eight and shopping on-line for auto electronics, but with still no decision.



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