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Nov '08

In The Air Again.

I much prefer mid-day flights. The food in first is better, I’m better, life is better.

Left for the airport at nine so I could be on a conference call at ten. Forty-five minutes of E&A discussions. More things for my to-do list. Nice to have a meeting with a bloody mary in front of you. Bad Mark!

Breakfast was basically a couple of bagels with cream cheese in the Board Room at Alaska. The lunch options on the flight to Minneapolis were a pastrami sandwich on swirled rye bread or an artichoke and spinach pasta dish. I went for the pastrami, but the pasta looked really good. Maybe on the way home that will be an option.

Flights were running on time — pray for that on my return when it’s far more important. I even had a half an hour in Minneapolis to snag a drink in the Northwest club and ring up Dave the Builder. Sounds like his business has fallen off — he even entertained the possibility of coming west to work on the new house. Not very exciting projects — roof and painting and a roof extension for the porch. That surprised me, but I guess it’s the economy, stupid.

The flight to Tampa was a dinner flight — another pasta dish, this time with a marinara sauce which I passed on in favor of the chicken quesadilla. It being Northwest, there was no working entertainment system but I’d brought my mp3 player and the noise cancelling headphones so it wasn’t a problem.

Arrived Tampa fifteen minutes early and my bag was the third off — the priority tag (for being in First Class) actually worked this time! Dan was in the cell phone lot so it was a quick pickup and go.

Nothing like a hot tub after a long day of flying. Thanks Dan for cleaning and filling the tub! 


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