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Nov '08

Project Creep.

A couple of hours at the Shirts of Bamboo warehouse this morning. Dan and Lisa dealing with SOB stuff, and me dealing with E&A stuff. Nice to be able to see the staff on this visit, totally missed them my last time through.

Lunch back at the house and then it was nap time for everyone — sort of a pre-Thanksgiving slow down.

Late afternoon and into evening was errands — Circuit City looking for bargains on car electronics (none — which is surprising since they are in bankruptcy, WalMart for returns (and me to look at their electronics — $388 for in-dash DVD player with GPS), and an early sushi dinner at Osaka in Maderia Beach.

And a damn fine sushi dinner it was. The three of us stuff ourselves, had a split of Nigori Sake, and the bill was $115 with generous tip. The do some amazingly bizarre rolls there — like the summer roll which is done like a Vietnamese summer roll in a wonton skins with all the shredded stuff, and add tamago (egg), the usual shrimp, a little Krab, roll up, slice into pinwheels, top with red and black roe…. yum. $12.95 and it’s almost a meal in itself.

We were home by 7:30 so it was time to return to on-line shopping for electronics for Bob, Jr. — or is that soon to be black little Bob. Something like that.

This is where project creep comes in. I finally made up my mind to “double down” on what I was thinking of spending on the cheap end and at least spring for the blue-tooth. GPS navigation is an option if I want to “double down” over my “double down”. For $299 (free shipping) this is what is going in:

lanzar dvd

It had the most inputs and outputs of any of them — enough that I think I can get both a backup camera and a HDTV tuner hooked in as well.

And then you start thinking (well, I do) about the crappy light switches the Itasca has, and how I need under valance lighting… like I said, project creep.


light and switch

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