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Nov '08

In the Air, But Home On Time.

Sleeping late — I love it.

Except when it meansĀ I have to rush packing, breakfast, and booze shopping.

Flights running on time today (again). One of my big worries was that today’s flights would be a mess — since I have to be on a plane tomorrow for Miami for the Caribbean trip. This is the one time there isn’t much flexibility in the plan.

On the way to the airport we swung by one of the big liquor stores (one, of many) so that I could get the 12-year-old Macallan for $39.99 and and interesting $20.99 small batch bourbon from Corner Creek in Bardstown, Kentucky. It being Bardstown, that means that it is some sort of Jim Beam product. Want to learn more? http://www.cornercreekbourbon.com/home.html

All the flight running early — gotta love that.

Lunch = the pasta, spinach, artichoke heart dish I missed on the way down, roll, fruit plate, brownie

Dinner = beef teriyaki over angel hair noodles, side salad, roll, caramel cheesecake fruit plate

I saved the brownies for Lynne — at 15 grams of fat — too much for me. On the second leg I managed to drink first class out of scotch (again) — and that was the crappy Dewar’s that they were serving.

And speaking of crappy — Northwest Airlines first class seats. Cloth, no padding — every time somebody puts something in the seat pocket behind you, you feel. On the upside, the non-bulkhead rows got foot rests. Oh well — I could have been in the back.

Lynne is back in morning at 11:45am to take Swanda and I to the airport. More adventures await. Yee Haw!

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  1. Swanda Says:

    And let the fuhn begin…why am I afraid!?!?!