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Nov '08

On The Water, In Our Suite.

Well, the Days Inn Airport North doesn’t have much to recommend it other that a free airport shuttle and being under $100 a night. The promised shuttle to the port was full by the time we checked in, and wouldn’t have gotten us there early enough for my taste (no lines, quick check-in. board at 11:30, ask for an upgraded suite, have lunch.

News on the beer belly bladder system…


Holds two liters of whiskey (or I suppose beer, but why). I got through the metal detector with no problems as it’s all Velcro holding it together. Not very flattering, and definitely sweat producing, but it’s cheaper than buying drinks all week at $7 a pop. Actually, pop is $1.75 a can or $1.25 fountain.

Here is a shot of Chris calling to make reservations for dinner tonight at Indigo (no up-charge) and tomorrow at the French Bistro ($15 up-charge).


So far so good. We will know about upgrading to a Penthouse by 7pm this evening. Our friends Kate and Eric are in a penthouse, and they have a butler and a welcome bottle of champagne that we plan on drinking after the lifeboat drill.

And speaking of champagne, that’s what they welcomed us on-board with — and Swanda and I immediately went to the atrium bar and drank a bottle and a half of Prosecco (with the help of Kate and Eric).

Here’s the pictures so far, but this will hopefully be updated through the week. Check out the two story tall video monitor doing WII Golf!


[no clue for 7 days]

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