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Dec '08

Rainy Rouatan.

Today’s stop is Rouatan, Honduras. When I first thought about going ashore, it was overcast — by the time I got to the gangway, it was raining. Went back to the room for reading time. Here is a great shot of the “folklorico” band that greeted us:

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I spent about an hour wandering the streets — dodging  snarled traffic and vendors trying to sell me anything and everything with the exception of drugs and prostitutes — maybe it was becasue all the cops around. I got some interesting “mood” pictures of the town.

By the time I returned to the ship, it was raining again. A fresh shirt and a glass of bourbon took the chill off.

Lunch back in the Summer Palace — as it’s the only sit down choice for lunch unless you want to fight the masses and go to the buffet.

Dinner tonight is again in the Summer Palace — the fault of reservations with the Gowins. Tomorrow Swanda and I are headed to Cagney’s Steak House for a steak dinner (though I did have steak last night in the french resaturant — in a peppercorn sauce).

Here is the latest scroller bar:

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