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Dec '08

Bus In Belize.

Happy Wednesday to all… and greetings from Belize.

Today’s adventure is the Ruins of Altun Ha (no relation to BBHa). Sorry, but the pictures probably won’t be posted until Sunday afternoon. It just sucks up too much bandwidth and time (at .40 a minute) to keep uploading them all. That, and I’ve been a little camera crazy, and Swanda has contributed some from the ship’s staff doing a life boat drill while I was on shore — and managing to bang up the boat pretty good (and hence, the painting crew working on it when I returned).

A VERY long tender ride into Belize City. We are anchored with Holland America’s Veedam what feels like miles off the coast. Basically it’s half an hour to get to shore. On shore it is a cluster fuck of passengers headed on either just the ruins tour, or the ruins and the city.

I might point out at this point that the 60-90 minute bus ride was on roads of ruins — free massage with each tour — no pedicure though.

I quote Eric when I pass along his phrase about the ruins. “Nice pile of rocks.” It was slightly more than that — and rumor has it that tomorrow’s Mayan Ruin tour in Cozumel will be more spectacular. RiverSong keeps going on and on about the ruins — hence me signing up for both ruins related tours.

Dinner tonight with Kate and Eric at Indigo — and what ever Chris and I had the same, had the same effect, a wee bit of stomach troubles…. was it the corn and bean salad? the slightly overcooked pork chops or the glaze they were in. Who knows. The one thing I do know is that I’m not taking Ali in the morning to add to the problem.

Missed another “Friends of Dorothy” meeting because they put them at 8:30 in the evening — smack dab in the middle of the dining hour — should move the damn things to cocktail hour, maybe at the same time as the “Friends of Bill W.” — but that wouldn’t work because there would be too much overlap.

Off to bed.


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