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Dec '08

Away To Sea We Go.

A quiet day at sea fighting my head cold.

I finally broke down and went to the sundries store and picked up some NyQuil. $9.99 a box. At least the fingernail clippers were cheap at $1.50.

I thought about bowling a couple of couple of lanes in the Bliss Lounge….


Decided against it at $7.50 a pop.

Did make the staff talent show at 3pm… the finale was “Fountains” which they the crew also did on Wonderful and mys trip around the Hawaiian islands a couple of Januaries ago.


Spent lots of today sleeping lounging around. Makes me really glad to have the balconey cabin.

Tried doing cocktails and dinner, got through one cocktail, and about half of dinner (yes, I left wine behind) before bagging it and going back to bed.

Missed the staff stripper show at 11:30, but Swanda was there to deposit my money in “fountain boys” shorts.

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