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Dec '08

Dinner With Friends.

It is soooo nice to have a day off. Even Swanda decided to bag Mickey and relax.

During my morning shower I had an epiphany — since we had the day off, why not invite Dan and Lisa for dinner. It’s an hour and a half drive each way, but then I’d get my new bamboo sheets delivered personally.

After a little phone tag — we are set for dinner at six with them arriving early to hang out…. then it was just a matter of getting supplies like food and liquor. Checked the liquor store closest to the really bad Publix market close to the resort… WAY too expensive and nothing on sale.

Our rental car (Ford Exlporer) came with a built-in GPS unit — so, hit yellow pages, spell liqour, hit closest. Bingo — ABC Liquors. Big, cheap, lots of sale items.

Dinner was pork loin on top of roasted root vegetables, salad, and wine that Dan and Lisa brought. Yummy!

The kids headed back since work calls in the morning. Speaking of morning, it’s going to come too early. We are scheduled to leave the condo at 3:30am to make our flight out of Miami. Ick.

[who knows — but the stick of butter in the root vegetbles probably didn’t help]


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