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Dec '08

Long, Long, Day.

3:30am is really too damn early.

Luckily I did all the packing last night and even made sandwiches for the road. Swanda has even said it’s OK to just go back to sleep while he drives. The things that he will do for a Disney fix!

We do have one stop before dropping off the rental car at the airport… and I even said it was OK if we didn’t make it — to the spot where Gino Versace was gunned down by a crazed gay gunman. Do you suppose I should use this as my Christmas card?


Or maybe this one from yesterday at the condo?


It didn’t come out quite like I wanted — I wasn’t thinking Sumo Wrestler but I couldn’t get back to the lounger quick enough.

 Got to the airport my usual two hours early — but check-in didn’t go totally smooth. My bag — MY BAG — was over-weight (it was Swanda’s on the way out) and I had to remove a set of sheets to gt to the 50# limit. And, no, being an MVP and having paid for First Class doesn’t help.

Nice flight home — though I was totally exhausted. Nice lunch of wild Alaskan salmon with all the fixings.  Got back about 1:30 in the afternoon, and decided to have a quick drink in the Alaska Board Room while our luggage was delivered. Lynne was ready to pick us up and drop at home — I’ll miss that service when she moves back to the island in a couple of weeks.

Swanda stayed for a bit — then headed home. I laid down on the couch — woke up at 8pm and went to bed.

[tomorrow is the big weigh-in]


2 Responses to “Long, Long, Day.”

  1. Debora Boldridge Says:

    I liked the Sumo Wrestler One!

  2. Curt Says:

    Hmmm, “festive pose at murder site” wins my vote.