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Dec '08

Work. Errands. Son Of Bob.

After a long sleep there are piles of things to do.

  • Mail
  • Bills
  • Laundry
  • Pick up packages
  • Get teeth cleaned
  • Work
  • Groceries

Well, the house is still a mess, but three loads of laundry are done. By the time I go to bed the new sheets will be on (the bamboo ones from Shirts of Bamboo). Hell, the new microwave/toaster is installed in SOB — but the DVD player/Bluetooth stereo will take through the weekend to get in. Who knows, I might take it to poker this month and see how it does on the road (and see what sort of gas mileage it gets.

Here is the shot of the new microwave/toaster, so I finally got to see how it works:


All this is just mixed in with bits and pieces of work. Just feeling out of sorts a bit. Maybe it was the nitrous.

[215.8 — who goes on a 10-day holiday and loses weight]

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