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Dec '08

Festivus Friday.

Well, Festivus is upon us — is it time for the annual airing of grievances? Confused. Here is the WikiPedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festivus, and should you need a pole, these folks have a nice selection: http://festivuspoles.com/pages/Festivuspoles.htm, or you could just go to Home Depot or your local metal supplier — for those not willing to click through — December 23rd is the usual date Festivus (The Holiday For The Rest Of Us).


We won’t even go into the “Feats of Strength” part of Festivus.

Christmas packages off to Kate and Eric, tomorrow Joe and Nikia’s package will go out. The Christmas Cards are printed and trimmed, and those are going in the mail tomorrow as well. So, between that, work, Festivus shopping and shipping, it’s been a busy day.

Dinner tonight is a quiet affair, just me and my steak, my salad, and my wine.



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