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Dec '08

Design Consult Followed By Dinner Guests.

Got the last of the Festivus cards printed, trimmed and addressed — off to the post office those go on the way to MaryBeth’s for a house rearranging consult. She is having company over on New Year’s Day and wants to whip the place into shape (which will be a challenge with two teenage kids).


  • Couch from the living room moves to the media room
  • Flowered chair in media room goes away, chair and ottoman move to living room
  • Computer table gets consolidated against the wall to open up space and traffic flow
  • Kitchen back splash gets painted gloss black to accent the new counters and match the theme of the kitchen (black/white tiles on floor)
  • Microwave gets moved close to stove to cover “odd” transisition area
  • Trash can get replaced with one from the church (Infectious Waste) and new container for recycling that holds more and can be closed
  • Planned murphy bed for Thomas’ room goes in the other direction with book shelves above
  • Melissa gets stacking tubs for under her bed
  • Laundry room gets full-size stacking washer and dryer on one side, and U shaped shelving on the other side for more storage — and maybe matching tubs for everything
  • All four bedrooms need new curtains
  • Fire ring moves to the front deck with cement board underneath (and a fire extinguisher handy) 

Whew! Think they can do that in two weeks? All those recommendations in just under an hour.

Headed back from Tacoma around 1 to start working on the sourdough bread for dinner — once again experimenting on my friends and their family. The experiment failed, it was edible, but not light and fluffy. I may just give up and go back to making challah.

Swanda, his mom, and his sister were guests for a dinner of steak, asparagus, salad, and failed bread. We even had a little time for dress up before they fled at the first sign of snow.

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No WII bowling tonight for the crew. Damn.




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One Response to “Design Consult Followed By Dinner Guests.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Well, they saw the pictures and are laughing!!